DPEM: Driving A Car Together For A Much Better Long Term

Get To Know DPEM

Daihatsu is one of Perodua’s key technologies and specialized lovers. In September 2014, the two organizations joined a joint business. They led to the formation of your Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing Sendayan (DPEM), with each possessing an investment capital home equity risk of 51% – 49%. The premises spans 35 acres of land and is also situated at Sendayan Techvalley, Negeri Sembilan. The plant’s manufacturing outputs are engines in addition to their factors for energy-efficient vehicles (EEV).

DPEM’s Corporate User profile

The Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing service is actually a powertrain generation hub to increase nearby content among locally put together cars, improving Malaysia’s car industry. Casting, machining and assemblage jobs are done on the herb, using a current generation capability of 18,000 products each month. DPEM’s customers incorporate Astra Daihatsu Motor in Indonesia, Toyota Assembly Services and Perodua in Malaysia.

DPEM’s Corporate and business Direction

Pursuing the car industry’s steady liberalisation in Malaysia, Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing envisions “The Company which Makes Happy People Through Constant Challenge” by taking Malaysia’s auto business to increased altitudes. Helming the slogan of “Driving Together For a Better Future”, DPEM constantly lookups for more manufacturing prospects inside the ASEAN area.

DPEM Malaysia

DPEM’s Products And Buyers

The products constructed by Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing (DPEM) are engines and engine factors, especially for Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV). The plant makes 1.3L, and 1.5L motors for Perodua cars, 1.5L motors for Toyota Assembly Services, tube mind, cylinder prohibit and crankshaft for Astra Daihatsu Motor in Indonesia — from uncooked supplies to concluded merchandise.

DPEM’s Company Trip

Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing (DPEM)’s Integrated Management System is excellently gratifying clients and conserving the environment, further certified from the Independent European Certification (M) Sdn Bhd. Besides that, DPEM aided improve sanitary recognition to prevent the spread of Covid-19 via CSO pursuits by releasing face masks and finger sanitisers in universities.

Why Pick DPEM?

Initial products companies (OEM) for energy-efficient vehicles seek full motor aspect options, and Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing Sendayan offers huge discounts. DPEM supplies motor and motor factors as the Akashi Kikai manufacturer located near it items electrical intelligent and manual transmission for EEV — together they kind of powertrain generation centre that increases business competitiveness.